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SSL certificates

"SSL" makes sure that the visitors of your website can safely exchange information with your webserver. For webshops and websites where a password is required, it is crucial to use such a certificate in order to protect all data. We offer GeoTrust, Comodo and Symantec SSL-certificates. We made selection within those brands to only include those that offer you the best price/quality relation. To guarantee the security of the certificate, you'll receive it directly from GeoTrust, Comodo or Symantec, but by ordering with us you can be sure to get a significant discount and we'll be able to assist you in the order process when needed.

Beveilig uw website en boost het vertrouwen van uw klanten Choose the certificate which suits you best:

Extended validation certificate

An EV (Extended Validation) certificate gives you the best of everything. This type of certificate is the only one that will make the address bar of your visitors browser turn green. So not only is the connection secure, your clients will also know it's secure. Your company name will be shown in the address bar to proof that you're a real company in good standing. You will need to go through some verifications by the certificate authority, but nothing too major and we will be there to assist you. If you need to secure multiple domains, also have a look at “Comodo EV Multi”

Comodo EV (€ 109,00)


With the Comodo EV, GeoTrust you get a very sharply priced EV-certificate. The green address bar will assure visitors that they're shopping at a company that can be trusted. Comodo will verify your company information, but the verification process isn't a very big hurdle. Any company in good standing will be able to pass this test, if needed, we will be glad to assist you with this.
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Symantec Secure Site with EV (€ 549,00)


Symantec (formerly VeriSign) is the top brand for online security. With this certificate you get the green address bar providing a higher trust level and Symantec's exclusive “seal in search” to even further improve on that. The “seal in search” technology will show a Norton trust-logo next to your company name in search results, if the user enabled this.
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Basic certificate (domain validation)

A “domain validation” certificate can be issued in a matter of minutes. The certificate authority will send an e-mail to a trusted e-mail address connected to your domain name, with a link for verification. Once you completed the easy verification via that link, the certificate is almost instantly issued and ready to be used.

Comodo PositiveSSL (€ 39,00)

ComodoAn entry-level certificate that does what it needs to do: secure you network traffic with encryption. Just like all other certificates we offer, the Comodo PositiveSSL has an extremely high browser recognition. Every single browser that is not largely outdated will know this certificate to be secure and trustworthy. Comodo combines this with very low pricing. In most cases the certificate will be issued in a couple of minutes.
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GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium (€ 69,00)


GeoTrust is a well known brand in the security business. The QuickSSL Premium is the best choice for the demanding user. Next to all modern popular browsers, this certificate is also recognised by the already somewhat older systems and mobile devices.
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Wildcard certificates

Wildcard certificates allow you to secure all subdomains of your domain name with one certificate. Do you need a certificate for ftp.yourname and mail.yourname and www.yourname and...? Apply for one certificate that secures all of them.

Comodo Essential wildcard (€ 119,00)

ComodoThis offers you a wildcard certificate at an incredibly low price tag. Browser recognition is just as good as any of the other more expensive certificates and this certificate can also be issued in a matter of minutes. There is one drawback: the Comodo Essential uses more than one intermediate certificate. This normally shouldn't be a problem, but it turns out that this doesn't combine well with many versions of MS Exchange or MS Remote Desktop. So for those implementations, we would advice the GeoTrust RapidSSL wildcard.
Website to secure: 

GeoTrust RapidSSL wildcard (€ 149,00)


RapidSSL is the somewhat less expensive brand from GeoTrust, but still offers strong encryption. This certificate is “domain validation”, so will be issued in a matter of minutes. This is the most cost-effective way to secure your website and e-mail solutions with one certificate.
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MultiDomain certificates

If you need to secure more than one domain name, a MultiDomain certificate is the solution. Do also keep in mind that every certificate needs its own dedicated IP-address on the server. So installing separate certificates for every domain name, would mean you need many IP addresses. With a MultiDomain certificate, you have many names in one certificate, but no need for extra IP's. Also when installing on multiple servers, getting a MultiDomain can be a cost saver, because you only need to buy one certificate.

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-domain (€ 79,00)

ComodoThis sharply priced multidomain certificate will by default allow you to secure up to 3 domain names. Extra names on top of this will cost € 25,00 This is a domain validated certificate, so it will be quick and easy to get issued.
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Comodo EV Multi (€ 149,00)


Do you need a certificate with green address bar for more than one domain name? Save money and get the Comodo EV Multi! This can also be installed on more than one server. Save money and time by putting all your names in one certificate. The basic version of this certificate will protect up to two names, extra names can be added at € 49,00 per name.
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