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TLD Country Registration transfer renewal / yr Update    
.proProfessionals€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE
A registration under .pro is possible if you:
- Are a person or entity who provides professional services
- You have been admitted to or licensed by a government certification body, or jurisdictional licensing entity recognized by a governmental body
- That body or licensing entity requires that its members be licensed or admitted to provide services
- You are in good standing
.bizBusiness€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE  
.catCatalan€ 119,79€ 119,79€ 119,79€ 18,15
You need to belong to the Catalan linguistic and cultural community in the Internet. Please contact us before requesting such a domain name so that we can investigate if your registration would be acceptable.
.comGeneric€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE  
.co.comGeneric€ 35,09€ 35,09€ 35,09FREE  
.coopGeneric€ 131,89€ 131,89€ 119,79FREE
If you wish to register a .coop domain name the owner needs to be a 'cooperative'. The cooperative is a form of self-organization of producers and consumers, aimed at increasing the economic power and the achievement of economies of scale.

If the owner is not cooperative, but wants to build a website especially for the benefit of cooperatives, he may also qualify.
Standard discounts do no apply to this extension
.infoInformation€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE  
.jobsJobs€ 168,19€ 168,19€ 168,19FREE
The requested domain name under .jobs needs to resemble the company name of the company registering the domain name.

The ability to secure a company name in .jobs is restricted to those that meet the following criteria:

1. Tasked with hiring or other HR duties on behalf of their own employer organization;
2. Authorized to purchase their on behalf of their employer organization;
3. Who agree to abide by the .jobs Use Policies published on and
4. Who agree to abide by the SHRM Code of Professional Ethics published on

ATTENTION! According to these rules, a .jobs-domain name may not be used to post job openings within other companies then your own. This extension is therefore most probably not suitable for companies specialised in recruitment.
Standard discounts do no apply to this extension
.mobiMobile€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE
If you use a .mobi domain name for a website, then it needs to be able to accept visits from mobile devices like PDA's and mobile phones. The .mobi registry has made a manual about how to do this. More information can be found on The .mobi registry will check .mobi website to see if they comply.
.nameIndividuals€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE  
.netGeneric€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE  
.orgGeneric€ 29,65€ 29,65€ 29,65FREE  
.law.proLawyers€ 217,80€ 217,80€ 217,80€ 18,15
Registrant must be either:
A) An individual who is currently licensed as an attorney at law
B) An organization, that provides legal professional services, and has an employee who satisfies the above criteria and registers on behalf of such entity or organization.
Standard discounts do no apply to this extension
.telTelephone€ 29,65€ 29,04€ 29,65FREE
Important to know is that a .tel name can't be linked to a website. A .tel name offers you the possibility to centralise all your contact information. So you just make one page with all your contact data (name, address, phone and faxnumber, e-mail,...). You choose which information you put on this page, only professional contact information or also your private number. Only the contact data of your headquarter or an overview of all your branches.
People can surf to this .tel name with their mobile phone. When they then for instance click your phone number, they can call you immediately.
.xxxErotic€ 102,85€ 102,85€ 102,85FREE  
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