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TLD Pays enregistrement transfert renouvellements Update    
.aeroAviation151,05 USD (€ 119,00)151,05 USD (€ 119,00)151,05 USD (€ 119,00)GRATUIT
You need an ID and respective password in order to register an .aero domain name. Please see the website of the registry for further information (
Les réductions standard ne sont pas applicables à cette extension.
.asAmerican Samoa215,78 USD (€ 170,00)/2 Ans215,78 USD (€ 170,00)/2 Ans107,89 USD (€ 85,00)19,04 USD (€ 15,00)  
.ccAlternative37,44 USD (€ 29,50)37,44 USD (€ 29,50)37,44 USD (€ 29,50)GRATUIT  
.nuAlternative44,43 USD (€ 35,00)44,43 USD (€ 35,00)44,43 USD (€ 35,00)GRATUIT  
.tkTokelau24,88 USD (€ 19,60)24,88 USD (€ 19,60)24,88 USD (€ 19,60)GRATUIT  
.tmTrademark1256,61 USD (€ 990,00)/10 Ans1256,61 USD (€ 990,00)/10 Ans125,66 USD (€ 99,00)GRATUIT 
Les réductions standard ne sont pas applicables à cette extension.
.toAlternative149,78 USD (€ 118,00)/2 Ans149,78 USD (€ 118,00)/2 Ans74,89 USD (€ 59,00)19,04 USD (€ 15,00)  
.travelTravel133,28 USD (€ 105,00)133,28 USD (€ 105,00)125,66 USD (€ 99,00)GRATUIT
Please note, that a .TRAVEL domain has to be used for a website displaying travel content relevant to the domain name, or in such other manner (such as email) that the Registry may approve after review within 60 days upon registration. If it is not the registry may revoke the registration of the domain.

Eligibility is verified by the .travel Registry reviewing information provided by the applicant to determine that the applicant is primarily carrying on business or operations in the travel industry. .TRAVEL can be registered if your entitiy belongs to one fo the following Travel Sectors:

* Airlines
* Attractions/Theme Parks
* Bed & Breakfast Houses
* Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
* Camp Facility Operators
* Vehicle Rental Companies/Airport Specialty Car Park Companies Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider
* Convention & Visitor's Bureaus
* Cruise Lines
* Ferries
* Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
* National Tourism Offices
* Passenger Rail Lines
* Restaurants
* Tour Operators
* Travel Agents
* Travel Media

Generic country names are not accepted.
.wsSite Web37,44 USD (€ 29,50)37,44 USD (€ 29,50)37,44 USD (€ 29,50)GRATUIT  
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