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When you register a domain name at bNamed, you are given the option to link a professional mailbox to it, such as You can choose between different mailboxes, each with their own advantages. We will be delighted to tell you more about it.

The importance of a qualitative mailbox

Professional & extremely reliable
An address ending in inspires more confidence

Always the same address
An @yourname email address does not change if you change provider

Unlimited number of e-mail aliases
Each colleague has his own address

The bNamed mailboxes

When you choose one of our bNamed mailboxes, you don't have to worry about a thing. We will guide you through the entire technical part of creating your mailbox and remain available for support. This way, you can enjoy a complete ready-made package, which means we take the worry out of this too.


The IMAP mailbox is our solution with just that little bit more. All e-mails are stored on the server, so you can easily consult them on different devices.
What's more: with IMAP, your sent e-mails are also stored on the server and synchronized among all the different devices on which you have read or answered e-mails.
Because all e-mails are stored on the server, you can choose between different sizes of mailboxes according to your needs.

You also enjoy a number of handy functions, such as extensive webmail, a calendar function and a larger capacity. IMAP is therefore a fully-fledged e-mail solution.
Check your e-mails anytime, anywhere
No worries about capacity
Simple agenda management
IMAP mailbox 1GB
15,25 USD /Year
(€ 14,00)
IMAP mailbox 5GB
31,58 USD /Year
(€ 29,00)
IMAP mailbox 20GB
42,47 USD /Year
(€ 39,00)
IMAP mailbox 50GB
75,14 USD /Year
(€ 69,00)
IMAP mailbox 100GB
140,48 USD /Year
(€ 129,00)


This mailbox is our 'basic' solution, which we offer at a very inexpensive rate. This option is ideal if you do not have many requirements. Do you just want to be able to read your e-mails on one computer in Outlook or Thunderbird?
Then POP3 is all you need. Bear in mind: with a POP3 mailbox, the e-mails disappear from the server as soon as you download them. This makes it more difficult to consult your mails on multiple devices.
5,45 USD /Year
(€ 5,00)
Easy to implement
Ideal for 1 device

Do you prefer Office365 or Gmail or...?

You can also use other mailboxes if you want. We will be delighted to help you link your domain name to a mail server elsewhere.

For example at:
Microsoft 365 GSuite GMail via forwarding
Your own mail serverAn e-mail address you already have elsewhere
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