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TradeMark ClearingHouse (TMCH)

Trademark holders only

Owners of a registered trademark have the possibility to apply this mark at TradeMark ClearingHouse. It's important your mark application has been entirely completed before you apply at TMCH.

Registration = necessary

Registering your trademark at TMCH is necessary if you wish to register your trademark under a new gTLD during the sunrise of that new gTLD.

 TMCH will check whether the info you supplied about your mark is correct. Once registered, you'll benefit from the free 'claims' service: this service will send you a warning when someone else tries to register your mark under such a new TLD.

VogeltjeSigning in already possible

Signing in is already possible thanks to the so called “early bird period”. This means you can already register your trademark at TMCH but your registration will only be activated once the first extension is released. Let's say you sign in today at TMCH for a period of 3 years and the first extension is released mid July 2013. Your registration at TMCH will be active from mid July 2013 until mid July 2016.

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bNamed simplifies your application

DocumentenNo extra paperwork needed

Once you've registered your mark at TMCH you can register this name under any new extesnsion as soon as this extension is released. You'll no longer need to provide paperwork for each new domain name registration and you'll no longer need to pay for the verification of those documents. At that moment you only need to pay for the domain name registration.

1, 3 or 5 years

You can register your trademark at TMCH for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. During the period you can sign in for all sunrises which then take place. We can expect the sunrises of all those new extensions will take quite some time so signing in for more than one year is a good idea.


The price for a registration at TMCH will be €199/year excl. VAT    

HelpTradeMark ClearingHouse made easy

We make joining TMCH easy

  • We simplify the procedure by looking up and filling out information automatically. So this means less work for you and reduces the error possibilities considerably
  • Next we'll manually check your application before we send them to TMCH. We also do this to reduce the chance of mistakes which could mean you would have to file a new application
  • Moreover we offer a free extended claims service. This means that during the whole period for which you register at TMCH (1 year, 3 years or 5 years) you'll receive a warning from us if someone else tries to register your trademark under a new gTLD (via the standard claim service you'll only receive such warnings during the first 3 months).
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