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26 Apr: .travel registry eases registration policy

The .travel-registry has eased the registration policy for .travel domain names. Because of this it’s easier to register a .travel domain name. In the past, you needed to have an UIN number in order to register a name under the .travel extension, this is no longer necessary. You still need to have something to do […]

15 Mar: Irish registry eases registration policy

On March 21st 2018 the Irish registry will ease its registration policy. From that day onwards, it will be easier to register a .ie domain name. If you previously wanted to register a .ie domain name, you had to be able to prove a connection with the domain name itself, for example the name had […]

15 Mar: South African registry considers .za registrations

The South African registry is currently holding a survey to gauge the interest in registrations directly under .za. Depending on the results of this survey, they will further examine whether the introduction of .za can be interesting. The question arises, among other things, because several South African registrars have shown their interest in this extension […]

08 Mar: Registrations under .boats much simpler now

Until recently you needed to meet a lot of restrictions if you wished to register a .boats domain name. The .boats registry has now reconsidered this decision. They’ve decided you longer need to meet the original restrictions. From now on everyone who wishes to do so can register a domain name under the .boats-extension

25 Jan: Registrations directly under .ke are now possible

The .ke-registry (Kenya) now offers the possibilty to register domain names directly under .ke. Until now only third level domain names could be registered via the .ke registry for instance under,,… From now on second level domain registrations, directly under .ke, are also possible. Everyone who wishes to do so can register a […]

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