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21 Jun: .eu and .ею webawards

The .eu en .ею webawards are ongoing. Those awards will end on September 2nd. Do you know a great website under the .eu or .ею extension then you can nominate this site in 1 of the 5 categories of the webwards. The categories in which you can nominate a website are the following: the leaders: […]

17 Jun: .sc, .men and .racing allow 2 character domain names

Both the .sc registry and the .men and .racing registry informed us they’ll allow 2 character domain name registrations under those extensions. For .men and .racing these registrations are already possible, for .sc those registrations will become possible as from July 1st 2016. Two character domain names are often very wanted because they’re short, powerfull […]

16 Jun: offers IDN on .uy

Since 14 June 206 you can now opt for IDN characters in your Uruguayan domain name. is adding the Spanish IDN characters to the allowed characters for .uy, these are: á, é, í, ó, ú, ü and ñ.This adaptation will be happening in different steps. Between 14 June and 18 September only the owners […]

09 Jun: still preferred to .uk two years after launch

Old habits die hard. And that clearly is true for what people are used to in the domain name market. While 100’s of new extensions have been launched the past few years, most people stick to what they know. There is some clear proof of this with the .uk extension. This was launched two years […]

08 Jun: Direct 2nd level registrations under .mt

NIC-malta, the registry managing the .mt domain name space, has announced that they plan to allow domain name registrations directly under the 2nd level for .mt in the near future (exact timing is not known yet). Currently only registrations on the 3rd level, under for example and, are possible. The launch procedure would […]

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