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11 Jun: Launch of .uk is big success

Since yesterday, direct registrations under .uk have become possible. Before that time, English domain names where located at the third-level, under for,, and Nominet, the registry that manages the .uk namespace, has announced that within the first 24 hours already 50.000 domain names had been registered under .uk. This by far […]

30 May: .gent is coming

The .gent-registry has communicated the time line for the release of the .gent extension. The release will happen via 2 sunrises, followed by a landrush to end with the general availability. The first sunrise-period will start on September 1st 2014 and end on October 1st 2014. During this sunrise owners of a registered trademark who […]

16 Apr: No landrush for .best

The .best-registry announced that they will cancel the landrush phase for the .best extension. The reason is they’ve noticed there was very little engagement for the landrush phase thus they deciced to cancel it completely. The sunrise for this extension will start on April 17th and end on May 19th. During this sunrise trademark owners […]

10 Apr: No heartbleed on our servers

Since people asked: our servers were not vulnerable for the OpenSSL “heartbleed” bug. Not that this is our merit. Even some of the big ones like Google and Yahoo were affected. Quickly after the news about this bug became public we checked our servers and we just happened to be using versions of OpenSSL on […]

08 Jan: new gTLD launches getting up to speed

The launches of new gTLD’s are slowly getting up to speed. For already 50 new domain name extensions the sunrise has started or will start soon. Most of these extensions are managed by the registry operator Donuts and are very generic English terms like .bike or .clothing. They try to appeal to as wide an […]

.vlaanderen and .brussels are coming up!

In the fall of 2014 the .vlaanderen and .brussels extension will be released. We offer you the possibility to pre-register your name under those extensions.

Flanders, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium, will get its own extension in 2014. Do you live or work in Flanders or do you wish to promote certain things in Flanders (certain cities, nice spots, culture, restaurants,...) then .vlaanderen is the ideal extension to do so.

Brussels isn't only the capital of Belgium, it's also the capital of Europe. So it's quite logic the city would get its own extension. Next to politics Brussels also offers lots of other things. The Grand Place, the Bourse, the Mint, Manneken Pis, the Marolles and tasty waffles ensure that Brussels will be fun for everyone. Do you live or work in Brussels? Or you simply love this city? Then .brussels is the extension of your dreams.

Don't wait any longer and pre-register your name under those extensions.

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