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Storage597,86 USD (€ 549,00)597,86 USD (€ 549,00)597,86 USD (€ 549,00)FREE

In the need of some storage?

Space shortage, we all know about it. Too much furniture, too much materials, too much data ... Where should we store it? Storage rooms are the ideal place to store away these items. They come in all sizes and are almost always available.

Is your company specialised in storing other people's property? Do you offer your client digital datastorage? Don't hesistate any longer and registrer your .storage domain to show you offer a trustworthy storage!

Extra information for: .storage

To support the mission and purpose of the TLD, in order to register or renew a domain name in the TLD, Applicants must:
• (i) Own, be connected to, associated with, or affiliated with a physical, self-storage, digital, data, or energy storage-related company; or (ii) Have a meaningful nexus (as determined by the Registry in its sole discretion) with the storage industry; and
• Possess a bona fide intention to use the domain name in supporting the mission and purpose of the TLD; and
• Be classified within one or more of the following categories:
− Self-Storage Companies: Self-storage companies which own or operate at least one
self-storage storage facility, as verified by the Registry in its sole discretion.
− Non-Self Storage or Digital Storage Companies: Companies which own, operate or are affiliated with physical, food, data, digital, energy, or a non-self-storage storage service, product or offering, as verified by the Registry in its sole discretion.
− Affiliates of the Storage Industry: Companies affiliated with a storage-related company, as verified by the Registry in its sole discretion.
− Other Qualified & Verified Individuals & Companies: Registrants who do not fall under one of the classes above, but agree to abide by the TLD Registry Policies, can demonstrate a nexus to a storage industry upon request of the Registry, and will use the name in a manner likely to enhance the TLD and otherwise positively promote the TLD viewpoint as well as the mission and purpose of the TLD.
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