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Privacy policy

The below privacy policy applies only to information of a private person. If the field for the company name is filled out, then we will assume that the contact details are not those of a private person, but of a company.
In order to be able to register a domain name or request an SSL-certificate for you, we will obviously need some information about you. We will only ask you the information that is strictly needed for the service you have ordered with us and will only use it for this purpose. We will make every reasonably effort to protect your information (both technically as with a privacy policy towards our staff).
You may always request to look into the information we have about you and you can ask that we carry out corrections. Because of security concerns, we will be very careful when receiving such a request (obviously we'll want to be sure it's actually you who asks us those questions). The best way to request a correction, would be by making the request through the same channels through which you originally supplied your information (this might be via a reseller of ours). But it is also possible to directly request this from us:, Zakstraat 43A, 2520 Ranst, Belgium
In order to be able to execute your order, we will also need to share your information with one of our partners. For example, to ensure that your domain name is registered in your name, we need to share your data with the central registry for the extension your domain name is registered under. For some extensions we work with an intermediary and we also need to share you data with that intermediary. In any case, your data is only shared with the parties that are directly involved in the processing of the specific registration you have made with us. If you order a domain name that is managed by a registry outside of the European Union, then we must also share your data with that non-European authority.
Exceptionally, we may be asked to release data about you. For example, at the request of a court or police department, but such a request might also come from another public service or someone who believes that your domain name violates their rights. If we are legally obliged to release your information, we will also do so. In all other situations we will be very careful with the request and only cooperate if we think that the other party has very good reasons for this.
As long as you have services with us, we must of course keep your data on file. If you cancel your contract however, we can not immediately discard all information. From a legal point of view, we must retain data for a period of 10 years in the context of possible legal actions (Article 2262bis of the civil code) or for accounting reasons. Data that is no longer actively used and is only stored for legal reasons, will however be removed from our online system.